End-To-End Fire Protection Services

➢ Hydrant, Sprinkler and deluge system
➢ Gas Based Suppression System(Clean Agent Novec 1230 & HFC227ea-FM 200 , Inert Gas ,CO2 total & local Flooding)
➢ Water Mist Fire Suppression(Low and High Pressure)
➢ Transformer Fire Protection by Nitrogen Injection system
➢ Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression system
➢ Pump room designing and Installation
➢ Terrace Pumping System/Booster Pump
➢ Fire extinguisher
➢ Fire Door (Metallic and Wooden)
➢ High & Medium Velocity water spray system for Transformer
➢ Pump based foam flooding system
➢ Electrical Panel Fire Protection System(Direct and Indirect System)